what is five (5) pillars of Islam

Five (5) pillars of Islam

five 5 pillars of islam

“Hi Muhammad, tell me about Islam.” The Messenger of Allah replied, “The Islam that witnessed was not a worshiper who was entitled to be worshiped other than Allah and in fact, Muhammad was ordered by Allah, who wished to pray, was issued zakah, fasted during the month of Ramadan and performed the Hajj to Baitullah if it was successful.”

The five (5) pillars of Islam namely:

  • Testify that there is no God but Allah and indeed Muhammad is the messenger of Allah
  • Doing prayers 5 Times
  • Issue alms (zakah)
  • Fasting during Ramadan
  • Hajj pilgrimage for people who are able to hold a trip to Baitullah.
five (5) pillars of Islam.
five (5) pillars of Islam. Hajj pilgrimage

Explanation of the five (5) Pillars of Islam

These 5 cases are the pillars of the Islamic religion. The meaning of Islam according to language is: obedient, submissive. As for according to the term, it is Obeying (submitting) to all shariah law. The obligation of the believer is to declare that Allah is the One Who is One, Single, without association with the other, the Perfect and the Holy of all kinds of deficiencies. And point out, that the Prophet Muhammad is the noblest man, who is good at all his behavior and his words, birth and mind are also made by God as an example for all his devout people for Allah. Everybody who reads the two sentences of the creed is called Muslims, even though they have not worked on the other pillars of Islam, it is just not true Islam. The virtue of prayer and that prayer is prioritized before the other pillars after two sentences of creed (syahadatain). Prompts to establish prayer and carry out istiqamah (continuously), and prayer is one of the pillars of Islam


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